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Confederate Dead List - Corrections

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fingerList of Survivor Confederate Soldiers of Elmira (in process)

Corrections / Alternate information from families or service records

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ARWOOD, David, family says should be ARROWOOD
BARMAN, Jonas sometimes referred to as Bowman, Jonas
BARNHILL, D.R. also known as Barnill, Duncan
BARRING, A. should be BASSINGER, Andrew - death date May 31, 1865
BARRINGER, A.C. should be BARRINGER, Alfred L.
BENTON, Theodore also known as Benton, Thomas
BLANTON, J.J. also known as Blanton, James Joseph
BOIE, Mitchell also known as Buie, Mitchell
BOLES, Richard also known as Bowles, Richard
BOYER, Jacob should be BOGER, Jacob
BRINKLEY, Fetherd also known as Brinkly, Jethro K.
BROOKS, D.H. also known as Brooks, David H.
BROOKS, J.H. also known as Brooks, John W.
BROWN, James, H. C. should be BROWN, John H.C. and Co A, 52nd NC not the 32nd NC
BURK, Isaac also known as Burke, Isaac
BURKET John also known as Burkett, John
BURLEYSON, William, should be BURLESON, William
CAUBLE, Franklin - stone changed 11/11/2014 previously listed as Cooper, Franklin
CLAYTON, William T. Goodwin’s Militia should be Florida Militia
CLEMENTS, B.B. also known as Clements, Bedford Booker
COCHRAN, A.W. also known as Cochran, Allen
COCHRAN, John also known as Cockerham, John
COLEY, Wesley also known as Cooley, William
COLLINS, John also known as Callis, John
COOPER, Franklin -mistake - now CAUBLE, Frankin - stone was changed 11/11/2014
CORDER, D.A. also known as Corders, David
CREAMER, Adam family says should be KRAMER, Adam
CREEKMORE, M. also known as Creekmore, Malachi
DEAN, John also known as Deans, John
DODDRIDGE, W. should be Daughtrige, Willey
EASTERLING, H.J. family says should be Easterling, Andrew Jackson
ELLISON, James also known as Allison, James
ENDY, John J. should be EUDY, John F.
EVANS, J. A. also known as Evans, John Albert
FAULKNER, W. L. also known as Falkner, William Leonidas
FLANAGAN, Barney also known as Flannegan, Barney
FORTHEWIS, Lewis should be Fortlouis, Michel
FOSTER, Burt H. should be Foster, Durant H.
FOSTER, Thomas also known as Forrester, Thomas
FOWLER, J. S. also known as Fowler, John
GAMBLE, F. E. also known as Gamble, Thomas E.
HALEY, H. also known as Haley, Andrew Jackson
HARVILLE, A.J. also known as Harvell, A.J.
HATTON, William L. - family says Wesley Luther Hatton - stone says LA for Louisiana should be AL for Alabama - Chisholm's Cavalry merged with 5th Florida
HINES, G.W. should be HINES, J. W,
HOWE, J.T. also known as Howe, John T.
HOWE, Nathanial L. also known as Howe, Nathan
HUCKS, Eldred - family says should be HUX, Eldridge
HUDSON, J. B. sometimes listed as Hulson, J. B.
HUSLESS, G. W. - family says should be Heustess, G.W.
JERNEGAN, G.W. also known as Jernegan, George W.
JOB, Jesse R. also known as Jobe, Jesse R.
JOHNSON, J. L. questionable listing - there was a G Company in Louisiana but Power’s Regiment was in Mississippi not Louisiana
KELLIHER, Dennis also known as Kelliher, Daniel
KINLAW, Neil also known as Kinlaw, Neill
KIRETT, F. should be KIVETT, Talton
KITCHIN, Thomas W. - family says should be KITCHEN, Thomas W.
KITNER, John F. should be KETNER, John P.
LAFFMAN, William sometimes listed as Luffman, William
LARMAN, Joseph also known as Lowman, Joseph
LESLIE, E.P. - Family says should be Elijah Preston Lyles- brother of Henry Lyle
LINDSAY, E.H. also known as Lindsay, E. K.
MANEY, O.H. actual name MAXEY, Obediah Henry
McGOWEN, Daniel S. also known as McGowan, Daniel S.
McWALTERS, John sometimes listed as McWaters, John
McWATTERS, John also known as McWatters, Jesse
NEAL, W.C. also known as Neal, William
NUSMAN, M.J. should be NUSSMAN, Moses J.
PERYMORE, L. B. sometimes known as Parmore, L.B.
OWENS, D. also known as Owens, Dempsey
RAWLS, James L. also known as Rawls, James M.
REDDING, Alf also known as Redding, Alfred
RICHARDSON, Henry should be RICHARDSON, Harman E.
RICKMAN, J.J. also known as Rickman, John
ROBERTSON, Jesse should be ROBINSON, Jesse Milliard
ROBINS, Silas should be ROBBINS, ELIAS
SELLERS, W. R. also known as Sellers, W. Riley
SHERLOR, J. should be SHELOR, J.B.
SIMMONS, J. F. also known as Simmons, John F.
SMITH, Fred also known as Smith, Frederick
SMITH, T. John preferred to be called “John Smith T”
SPARKMAN, W. P. also known as Sparkman, William
STEPHENSON, J. E. , family says should be STEVENSON, James Edward
STINSON, L. also known as Stinson, George Leander
STRICKLAND, Maston, family says should be MARTIN Strickland
STURGEON, H. also known as Sturgeon, Hiram
SUMNERS, Matthew also known as Sumner, Matthew
TAYLOR, David B. also known as Taylor, David D.
TAYLOR, J.J. also known as Taylor, Joseph J.
TEAGUE, O.S. also known as Teague, Oliver Sanford
THOMPSON, W.A. also known as Thompson, William A.
TUCKER, G.W. also known as Tucker, George Washington
VAIN, C.R also known as Vann, Chester R.
WARREN, B. F also known as Warren, Burris
WATKINS, J.M. also known as Watkins, James
WHEELER, James E. should be known as Wheeler, Jacob E.
WHITE, E.M should be Musselwhite, Eli
WILEY, Thomas S. also known as Wiley, Sumpter
WOODLAND, J.H. also known as Woodland, James
WORSHAM, R.M. also known as Worsham, Robert A.

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