Timeline of the Elmira Prison Camp

1861 - Camp Rathbun built as a training facility with accomadations for 2,000.

May 2, 1864 Lieutenant Colonel Seth Eastman reported that 20 barracks had been constructed.

May 19, 1864 A letter informed Eastman that a "depot" for possibily 8,000 prisoners of war would be needed within 10 days at Elmira. Eastman knew there was only enough room for 4,000 and that kitchen services were illequiped for such a crowd, tents were ordered as a backup.

July 6, 1864 - "Barracks #3" became the Elmira Military Prison.

July 15, 1864 The Shohola, Pennsylvanaia trainwrecl killed 48 prisoners en route to Elmira.

October 27, 1864 - A drainage system was begun.

November/December 1864 more than 2,000 prisoners were sleeping in tents.

July 11, 1865 Last day of operation. In its 11 month existence more than 12,000 men passed through its gate.

December 7, 1877 Elmira's Woodlawn Cemetery (the Confederate section) became the Woodlawn National Cemetery.

1907 The wood markers at Woodlawn National Cemetery were changed to marble.

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